Sec Symbole, Sot de l’Ange


• Mid-December. I feel the very cold mornings on my cheeks, the passing days where I was waiting for you, watching movies for the tenth time. La Vérité, 1960 with Brigitte Bardot: we talked about her twice, Cohen wrote about her twice, but you can’t remember. They said she was a SEX-SYMBOL [sεkssε ̃bɔl]. She replied: Oh that bunch of hypocrites! And this makes me like her moreover.

Another night which cons Paris, but I don’t care. I am lying down on a bed, screen brightens up the room with its black and white lights. A glass of wine in my hand, a Sec Symbol 2014. I taste it slowly — very particular Chenin sparkling in front of my eyes, honey recovering my tongue, sour exciting my chest. The vineyard is Sot de l’Ange, which means “Angel Falls” but also “The idiot of his Angel”. Quentin Bourse, the idiot who decided to become a wine grower, followed by his angelic wife named Angélique.

I feel the very cold mornings, but warmness seems to be almost back. And hours are flying, and love is blooming, and blue is stretching as far as it is disappearing in a very pale pink. Now, you are nearly there, now I can touch your hair. I’ve decided to jump too. Henceforth, there will be no empty breaststrokes anymore.


(Sec Symbole 2014, Le Sot de l’Ange Quentin Bourse – Touraine Azay-Le-Rideau, France : 16€)

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